Ant Farm

July 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

I suppose the lesson I could have learned from them
is that there’s no point in feeling overwhelmed.
You’ve got your work cut out for you,
and what looks like a homogenous mountain of boulders
is really only sand, and not enough to fill a little plastic packet.

Or I could have learned that my society’s desire to devour me
is just one more way of saying we are all one.

Instead, I watched them with awe and aggravation,
and thought they remind me too much of me:
Constantly moving little bits of sand from one place to another,
and I don’t know how to stop.

And I was fascinated by how they died.
One would pause, as if to rest, which they sometimes did
in their special Resting Place (an open space, roughly in the center),
but would not start back up again.
At first the others would just climb over them on their way by
with their little bits of sand.

A little later, the tiny folded body would have been moved
to The Graveyard, a spot on the outer edge of The World.
Usually, by the next day, it would be gone.

When the last ant died, I found it in the Resting Place.
By the next day it had folded in on itself,
but remained there for nearly a month, until at last,
I found the words with which to devour it.

June 2006


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