Ring Shout

October 31, 2014 § 4 Comments

The sun went down like a miracle this evening,
filling the air with gold and frothing up the clouds.

I breathed it before I saw it.

A man stood on his sleek glass balcony
and pointed a little white phone at the sky.

Another on his bicycle pedaled and steered with one hand,
aimed his lens with the other.

In the back of a sooty sedan packed with shadowy faces, a girl’s hand and her pink camera were framed in the rear window,
toward us, but really, over our heads.

Instagram and Facebook are full of luminous rose and gilded veils.

How far north and how far south did it reach?
Did you see it to the east?

It’s as though we’re all alight, together.

That Magical LA Sunset That One Day - photo by Ninette Shorter

There was all sorts of beauty. People outside the library where I raised my phone to take a photo were smiling at each other, momentary sunset friends united by the glory. Some just stood and watched, including a young boy. So fleeting.

—Ninette Shorter

What’s a “ring shout”? See the Wikipedia entry.


§ 4 Responses to Ring Shout

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